Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Introduce Myself:

It's my second post. Hooray! I thought I would introduce myself. I could go with the usual what I do for a living, where I live, my favorite movies, etc... But how about this:

Things I love (in no real order):
My dog, Dexter
My city, Phoenix
My hometown, Los Angeles
My adopted hometown, Philadelphia
The gas mileage of my car
Reef sandals
My boyfriend
Cheese (Burrata is my favorite)
British TV shows
                                                                                    Colorful doors

So there's that list. Here are some more things about me:

I will never be the girl who can pull off white pants.
My eyeliner will never be in a straight line.
I get stressed easily.
I have grandiose dreams of DIY projects, a beautifully designed house and organization. Those things will never happen.
I watch way too much TV.
Cuddle time with my dog is the best.
My boyfriend and I met on and bonded over our love of beer and baseball.
I'm overly practical, yet I like to think I'm romantic and whimsical and artsy. I'm not.
I will freak out about any sound I hear at night. 
I started an Etsy store and sold two paintings. One to my sister. One to her friend. I haven't updated it since.
I still have my NES and have to use an old TV to make it work properly.

So there is a little about me. I'm 26, have two sisters and dread my alarm going off in the morning.

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